FALL 2021

Figs & Beets  $16

roasted baby beets, sweet turkish figs, pistachio pesto, gorgonzola dolce, saba

Heirloom Tomato Salad  $18

pickled pepper aioli, sweet gems, bacon lardons, soft boiled egg

veg/vegan substitute avocado

Galette Complète  $17

french ham & gruyere cheese, buckwheat crepe, spinach, fried egg, apricot-mustard seed jam

House Cured King Salmon  $20

sunchoke latke, crème fraîche, frisée, lemon, fried capers, dill

Mussels Dijonnaise  $16

p.e.i. mussels, fennel, garlic, shallot, dijon, white wine, pernod butter, basil, with grilled baguette

Shrimp Roll  $16

oregon pink shrimp, copine mayo, cucumber, thai basil, tamari, daikon sprouts, butter toasted brioche bun

Valerie's Gauloise  $16

warm salami & brie sandwich, sun-dried tomato pistou, pecans, shredded lettuce, on baguette

veg/vegan substitute roasted mushrooms

La Copine Salad  $21

wild arugula, little gems, chopped free range chicken, avocado, lentil sprouts, pickled shallots, shaved fennel, currants, sunflower seeds, poblano vinaigrette

Socarrat de Verdures  $18

spanish crispy rice, charred zucchini & red pepper escalivada, saffron, pea shoots, parsley, lemon

Le Burger  $22

ground lamb & wagyu beef, harissa, pickled date relish, griddled red onion, kefir cheese, little gems, on a homemade english muffin

veg/vegan substitute beyond patty

Duck Confit  $27

slow cooked and crisped duck legs, creamy polenta, red wine soaked prunes, red watercress



Fried Eggplant w/ tomato chutney  $8

Polenta, mascarpone, parmesan  $8

Crispy Papas, rosemary, lemon aioli, chives  $10

Little Gems Salad w/ vinaigrette  $7

Grilled Bread, garlic, olive oil, sea salt  $4

Half Avocado  $2.50

Add Fried Egg  $2.50


Beignets, brown sugar coffee glaze  $8

Rice Pudding, coconut, lime, strawberry, pepitas  $8

Chocolate Panna Cotta, cherry, mascarpone  $9

Lemon Polenta Cake, plums, crème, hazelnuts  $10

  • Notify your server with any food allergies before ordering

  • Discuss veg, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free modifications with your server

  • 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 5-9 people, 25% to parties of 10 or more



$3   Drip Coffee

$5   Cold Brew

$3   Organic Hot Tea

$4   Organic Iced Tea
$5   Palmer

$5   Lemonade

$5   Lychee-Lime Soda

$4   Orange Juice 

$4   Mexican Coke

$2   Seltzer


​$11  Michelada: lager, tomato, lime, tabasco, tajin

$11  Mimosa: cava, fresh orange juice

$13  Bellini: sparkling rosé, peach nectar

$12  Desert Lily: bergerac blanc, lychee, soda

$13  "Champagne" Cocktail: cava, bitters, sugar

$14  Sunrise: sparkling rosé, blood orange, bitters


$6    Lager "Classic" Aslan, WA*

$6    Pacific Ale "Dawn Patrol" Aslan, WA*

$6    IPA "Cosmic Dreams" Aslan, WA*

$6    Hefe "Fuzztail" Sunriver, OR*

$8    Hazelnut Milk Stout, Untitled Art, WI*​


$10 / $40    Cidre, Etienne Dupont, FRANCE**

$13 / $52    Cava, Azimut, SPAIN*

$13 / $52    Sparkling Rosé, Gaspard, FRANCE*

$14 / $58    Auxerrois, Pirouettes, FRANCE*

$13 / $52    Blanc, Bergerac, FRANCE*

$14 / $58    Orange, Mataroa, GREECE*

$13 / $52    Rosé, Pittnauer, AUSTRIA*

$12 / $48    Pinot Noir, Gaspard, FRANCE*

$14 / $56    Gamay, Chateau Cambon, FRANCE*

$16 / $64    Syrah, Camins 2 Dreams, CA*