Figs & Beets   86

roasted baby beets, sweet turkish figs, pistachio pesto, gorgonzola dolce, saba

Salade Lyon   86

frisée, bacon lardons, butternut squash, chives parmesan, sherry vinaigrette, poached egg

Galette Complète   86

french ham & gruyere cheese, buckwheat crepe, spinach, fried egg, apricot-mustard seed jam

*veg sub mushrooms 

House Smoked King Salmon  $21

sunchoke latke, crème fraîche, frisée, lemon, fried capers, dill

Mussels Dijonnaise 86

p.e.i. mussels, fennel, garlic, shallot, dijon, white wine, pernod butter, basil, with grilled baguette

Shrimp Roll  $16

oregon pink shrimp, copine mayo, cucumber, thai basil, tamari, daikon sprouts, butter toasted brioche bun

Valerie's Gauloise  86

warm salami & brie sandwich, sun-dried tomato pistou, pecans, saba, shredded lettuce, on baguette

*veg/vegan sub mushrooms 

Wild & Free  $21

wild arugula, little gems, free range chicken salad, shaved fennel, pickled shallots, lentil sprouts, sunflower seeds, currants, poblano vinaigrette

*vegan sub avo

Socarrat de Verdures  $18

spanish crispy rice, charred zucchini & red pepper escalivada, saffron, pea shoots, parsley, lemon

Le Burger   86

ground lamb & wagyu beef, harissa, pickled date relish, griddled red onion, kefir cheese, little gems, on a homemade english muffin

*veg/vegan sub veggie patty

Duck Confit  $27

slow cooked and crisped duck legs, creamy polenta, red wine soaked prunes, red watercress



Fried Eggplant w/ tomato chutney   86

Polenta, mascarpone, parmesan  $8

Crispy Papas, rosemary, lemon aioli, chives  $10

Little Gems Salad w/ vinaigrette  $7

Grilled Bread, garlic, olive oil, sea salt  $4

Half Avocado  $2.50

Add Fried Egg  $2.50


Beignets, brown sugar coffee glaze   86

Rice Pudding, coconut, lime, strawberry, pepitas  86

Chocolate Panna Cotta, cherry, mascarpone  $9

Lemon Polenta Cake, plums, crème, hazelnuts  $10

  • Notify your server with any food allergies before ordering

  • Everything except the beignets can be made or already is gluten free

  • Please discuss veg, vegan, gluten-free, & dairy-free mods with your server

  • 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 5-9 people, 25% to parties of 10 or more



$3   Drip Coffee

$5   Cold Brew

$3   Organic Hot Tea

$4   Organic Iced Tea
$5   Palmer

$5   Lemonade

$5   Lychee-Lime Soda

$4   Orange Juice 

$4   Mexican Coke

$2   Seltzer


$14   Bellini: sparkling rosé, peach nectar

$14   Mimosa: sparkling chardonnay, fresh orange juice

$14   Desert Lily: white wine, lychee, soda

$14   Sunrise: sparkling, blood orange, bitters​, lemon
$14   "Champagne Cocktail" bitters, sugar


$7    Lager "Classic" Aslan, WA*

$7    Pilsner "Sirena" Aquamala, MX*

$7    Pacific Ale "Dawn Patrol" Aslan, WA*

$7    IPA "Cosmic Dreams" Aslan, WA*

$7    Hefeweizen "Fuzztail" Sunriver, OR*

$9    Hazelnut Imperial Stout, Untitled Art, WI*​

$9    Rosé Cider, Jaanihanso, EE*


$15 / $60    Sparkling Rosé, Gaspard, FR*

$15 / $60    Sparkling Chardonnay, Domaine Richard, FR*

$14 / $56    Rosé, "Luar Rosa" Bojo, PT*
$16 / $72    Chenin Blanc, J Brix, CA*

$15 / $60    White blend, "Tutti Fruti" Pirouettes, FR*

$15 / $60    Gamay (chilled), Chateau Cambon, FR*

$15 / $60    Pinot-Gamay, Venier, FR*

$16 / $72    Red blend, "Fred #8" Strekov, SK*

$16 / $75    Syrah-Grenache, Balthazar, Cdr FR*


**pét nat