spring 2022

Citrus & Beets  $16

roasted beets, valencia oranges, pistachio pesto, gorgonzola dolce, saba, chives


Little Gems  $14

whole avocado, sunflower seeds, lemon vinaigrette 

Salade Lyonnaise  $20

frisée, bacon lardons, tomatoes, warm sherry vinaigrette, parmesan, poached egg

~vegetarian sub hen-of-the-woods mushrooms


Artichoke Toast  $17

smashed fava beans, artichokes, goat cheese, mint, black pepper honey, grilled baguette

~add tuna conserva $8


Shrimp Roll  $18

oregon pink shrimp, copine mayo, pickled cucumber, thai basil, daikon sprouts, butter toasted bun


Galette Complète  $18

buckwheat crepe, hen-of-the-woods, spinach, gruyere, fried egg, apricot-mustard seed jam


Smoked Salmon Salad  $23

flaked ora king salmon, chilled asparagus, eggs mimosa, frisée, brown butter crème fraîche, dill, fried capers

Ceviche  $19

wild caught rockfish, aji amarillo, coconut, avocado, tomato, red onion, jalapeño, cilantro, tamarind, fried plantain 

Socarrat de Champiñones  $22

spanish crispy rice, hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, saffron, tomato-fennel piperada, pea shoots


Roasted Chicken Brochette  $23

charred napa cabbage, tahini, mint, green onion, cara cara orange, fresno chile agrodolce

Le Burger  $24

ground lamb & wagyu beef patty, kefir cheese, griddled red onions, date relish, harissa sauce, gem lettuce, on a homemade english muffin

~vegetarian/vegan sub veggie patty



FRIED EGGPLANT tomato chutney  $9

POLENTA mascarpone & parmesan  $8

CRISPY PAPAS rosemary, aioli, chives  $10

GRILLED BREAD garlic, olive oil, sea salt  $4





BEIGNETS brown sugar coffee glaze  $9

RICE PUDDING coconut, oranges, pepitas  $9

CHOCOLATE PANNA COTTA cherry, mascarpone  $10

POLENTA CAKE raspberries, crema, hazelnuts  $10

  • Notify your server w/ allergies/preferences before ordering

  • 20% gratuity added to parties 5+

  • 25% gratuity added to parties 10+



$3   Drip Coffee

$5   Cold Brew

$3   Organic Hot Tea

$4   Organic Iced Tea
$5   Arnold Palmer

$5   Lemonade

$5   Lychee-Lime Soda

$4   Orange Juice 

$4   Mexican Coke

$2   Seltzer


$11   Michelada: lager, tomato, tabasco, lime, tajin

$14   Spritz: sparkling, cappelletti, lemon, soda

$14   Bellini: sparkling, peach nectar

$14   Mimosa: sparkling, fresh orange juice

$14   Desert Rose: rosé, lychee, soda

$14   Champagne Cocktail: sparkling, sugar, bitters

by the can

$7    Lager "Classic" Aslan, WA

$7    Pale Ale "Dawn Patrol" Aslan, WA

$7    Brown "B'ham" Aslan, WA

$8    Dry Cider, Goat Rock, CA

by the glass / by the bottle

$14 / $56    Sparkling, "Salad Days" Field Recordings, CA

$14 / $56    Rosé, "Fiction" Field Recordings, CA

$14 / $56    Orange, "Skins" Field Recordings, CA

$15 / $60    Sangiovese (chilled), "Freddo" Field Recordings, CA

$15 / $60    Syrah, "Wonderwall" Field Recordings, CA

$16 / $64    Zinfandel, "Fiction" Field Recordings, CA